Wednesday, May 21, 2008

NBA China: 12 arenas

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This is really staggering news. Last week, John Lombardo of the SportsBusiness Journal reported that NBA China has entered the following agreement with AEG...
The two will join forces to develop and operate up to 12 arenas in China, representing another key step in the NBA’s vision for its own league in Asia, while adding more facilities to the global expansion effort under Tim Leiweke at AEG.
Who is AEG? Well, let's just say the Staples Center is one of the many different sports arenas around the globe that they run (yeah, 'nuff said).

Logic would dictate that the NBA expects to have at least 12 franchises in various cities in China. Oh yeah, and with only the Beijing Olympic arena built, NBA China with its projected Chinese audience is currently worth -- I kid you not -- $2.3 billion!...

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Friday, May 16, 2008

NBA's "There Can Be Only One" split-screens revealed

(Click here to see the Kobe/Shaq split-screen commercial)
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[From Stephen B. Snyde in the Un-bulletedHoop chronicles...]

Here's another one that, TrueHoop, missed.

Brian Helfrich of the SportsBusiness Daily interviewed Goodby Silverstein & Partners’ Jamie Barrett, one of the creators of the split-screen spots.

I've been wondering how they pulled that off. Here's the secret:
The director team, [Jonathan] Dayton and [Valerie] Farris, used a nice little trick where we prerecorded each script and had the players listen to the recording in their ear while performing, so they didn’t have to use a TelePrompTer. When you see Kobe Bryant, for example, deliver the “Fear” script, he has a pea-sized earplug and he’s listening to the script and repeating it as he hears it. It actually happens to be my voice, because I read it with the pacing that we wanted so it would time out the right way and have the right pauses.
One thing I noticed is that they had to time the eyeblinks perfectly. I'll bet Barrett had to say, "Blink," as well in her scripts.


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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Chris Paul "uncivilized" with Right Guard

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[Stephen B. Snyde reporting from our new Un-bulletedHoop files...]

Remember those Right Guard commercials with Charles Barkley and Scottie Pippen back in the day where Sir Charles would say, "Anything less would be uncivilized!"?

Well, according to Terry Lefton of the SportsBusiness Journal, Chris Paul just signed with Right Guard, now owned by Dial Corp. via sale by Gilette in 2006. The "uncivilized" campaign was under a different advertising firm, so chances are, Paul's Right Guard commercials -- targeted for later this year -- will probably not be a sequel to Barkley's and Pippen's.

Paul is respresented by Octagon and currently only endorses Nike Jordan brand and 2K Sports.

Incidentally, where was this little nugget in, TrueHoop? I don't know about you, but I'm increasingly disappointed by TrueHoop to the point that I'd start a rival blog called TruerHoop, if not for the facts that TrueHoop is already a trademark, and -- mind you -- ESPN ain't payin' me a fulltime salary. I'll save that for a rainy day rant [insert Stephen A. Smith glare here].


Thursday, May 8, 2008

dreamleaguers rejoice: Erik Spoelstra!

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Remember when what's-his-name was named coach of the Miami Heat the other week? You said, "Ho hum, see ya later (again) Pat Riley, who's the whipping boy this time? Oh, it really is some boy. Whatever."

Well, I think you need to reconsider that. So last month's post here on dreamblogue commented on Rex Walters, legendary Asian league baller, becoming head coach of USF in NCAA's D-1.

Who woulda thunk that another Asian-American (Filipino, in this case) would trump that by being named head coach of the freakin' Miami Heat by none other than hall-of-famer Riley. Please welcome Erik Spoelstra!

Nick Vicera wrote a great article in Filipinas Magazine two years ago on Spoelstra, who actually started out as the Heat's video coordinator. It even closes with Spoelstra saying this:
"...there is one thing that I am definitely interested in doing in the future, and that is helping develop basketball in the Philippines. I have been talking recently with the NBA about me putting together basketball clinics in my mother’s home country, hopefully in one of these next couple of off-seasons. It will be a wonderful chance for me to see some of my family over there and get reconnected with my roots"
You da man, Erik, you da man. (Props to Joel Sales, Sr. for referencing the above article.)

And not only does the man respect his bloodlines, but he also seems to be a very humble, smart, down-to-earth, and common-sense guy, interviewed by Kerry Eggers in the Portland Tribune:
“A lot of people are saying that [I was Dwayne Wade's personal coach], but I don’t want to overstate it,” Spoelstra cautions. “Really, it’s a relationship that has developed over Dwyane’s five years in Miami. It’s really been more because of him, because he is so determined as a player to improve...”

...Player relationships are one reason many believe Spoelstra will succeed as Miami’s head coach...

...Spoelstra would like to be more up-tempo with the offense, “but it will depend upon the personnel we gather throughout this summer,” he says. “We have a young, athletic core. I would like to find ways to take advantage of that. It doesn’t mean running up and down wild and at random, but I would like to take advantage of the speed and athleticism by attacking early in the (shot) clock and in transition.”
Mr. Spoelstra, I think you just picked up about 2,000 fans from dreamleague over here.