Monday, March 31, 2008

Gun violence overlaps into our basketball community (again)

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I'm almost too depressed to type this. I think I'll just do a little stream of consciouness -- I can't really think about organizing paragraphs and coming up with a good way to express this. When someone you know dies and you know you will never see that person again, let alone say hello to him/her, that's a bitter pill to swallow. When that someone dies by gun violence, simply put it just feels worse. And I can hardly imagine how it feels when that someone is someone close to you, as in, an immediate family member.

Jason DelaCruz was shot and killed at around 2am outside a pizza and bar area of San Francisco. Jason is the brother of former Vegas tourney MVP Jeremy DelaCruz. Jeremy's been my teammate before in dreamleague and a long-time member of renowned Filipino tourney team the Bay Area Wizards, as well as the Bay Area Heads. Dozens more here in the Bay's Asian American basketball community probably know Jeremy and Jason better than I do. I never really met Jason, but I did see him make a couple cameo appearances on the court with his brother's strong NL-caliber teams. The thing I most remember about him: he's the spittin' image of Jeremy...

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

More clicks of fame: Matt Lee and Seth Robles

Matt Lee on YouTube
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Been awhile since the last post (the 38-team LA tourney followed immediately by our Bay Area league which now has 125 teams got very tiring in Feb-Mar), but here are a couple more "clicks of fame" -- you know, instead of 15 seconds of fame on the boob tube, it's a click of fame on the YouTube. Thanks to dreamleaguer Torrent Lee for keeping a pulse on Matt.

(1) To add to his previous half-court buzzer-beater, UCLA's Matt Lee (who has made a couple cameos in dreamleague) with two alley oops -- using a left hand scoop for one of them, no less!

(2) Seth Robles of Dream League Bay Area's San Jose Jollybee getting indirect props from Bill Simmons in his weekly article (#12 YouTube link at the bottom). Seth worked hard on a video rap compilation of last year's Warriors ouster of the Mavericks.

Incidentally, Seth's brother is none other than Golden State of Mind's Tony.psd, who has recently finished our WE BELIEVE- and Stephen Jackson-inspired league t-shirts for the Bay Area. Hey, maybe even the New York dreamleaguers might wanna get their hands on this given the blah-zay of the Knicks and Nets this year.