Friday, May 16, 2008

NBA's "There Can Be Only One" split-screens revealed

(Click here to see the Kobe/Shaq split-screen commercial)
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[From Stephen B. Snyde in the Un-bulletedHoop chronicles...]

Here's another one that, TrueHoop, missed.

Brian Helfrich of the SportsBusiness Daily interviewed Goodby Silverstein & Partners’ Jamie Barrett, one of the creators of the split-screen spots.

I've been wondering how they pulled that off. Here's the secret:
The director team, [Jonathan] Dayton and [Valerie] Farris, used a nice little trick where we prerecorded each script and had the players listen to the recording in their ear while performing, so they didn’t have to use a TelePrompTer. When you see Kobe Bryant, for example, deliver the “Fear” script, he has a pea-sized earplug and he’s listening to the script and repeating it as he hears it. It actually happens to be my voice, because I read it with the pacing that we wanted so it would time out the right way and have the right pauses.
One thing I noticed is that they had to time the eyeblinks perfectly. I'll bet Barrett had to say, "Blink," as well in her scripts.


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