Wednesday, May 21, 2008

NBA China: 12 arenas

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This is really staggering news. Last week, John Lombardo of the SportsBusiness Journal reported that NBA China has entered the following agreement with AEG...
The two will join forces to develop and operate up to 12 arenas in China, representing another key step in the NBA’s vision for its own league in Asia, while adding more facilities to the global expansion effort under Tim Leiweke at AEG.
Who is AEG? Well, let's just say the Staples Center is one of the many different sports arenas around the globe that they run (yeah, 'nuff said).

Logic would dictate that the NBA expects to have at least 12 franchises in various cities in China. Oh yeah, and with only the Beijing Olympic arena built, NBA China with its projected Chinese audience is currently worth -- I kid you not -- $2.3 billion!...

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