Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Golden State of Mind guys

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[From Vinsanity. This is a maybe-weekly chat with one or more of the guys from Golden State of Mind, who have a team in dreamleague Bay Area...]

Just a little disclaimer: This chat took place shortly after Game 2 of the Western Conference Semi's pitting the Utah Jazz vs. the Golden State Warriors. The Jazz were victorious in the end (winning 127-117 in OT) but were no doubt aided by the free throws woes of Baron Davis and Mickael Pietrus...

Fantasy Junkie: Hey Vinsanity, it's Fantasy Junkie from Golden State of Mind. What a horrible end to that game, someone needs to go practice free throws.

Vinsanity: Hey Fantasy Junkie...yeah...we definitely should have won that game. First Pietrus could have iced it, then Baron...

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

What happens in the Philippines...

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[Thanks to TrueHoop for the link to this article, written by Rafe Bartholomew of]

We'd like to say that what happens in the NBA happens in dreamleague (well, sort of, and maybe that's vice-versa).

But we certainly would like to avoid what happens in the PBA (Philippines Basketball Association) from happening in dreamleague, although a good portion of you will no doubt be unflinched by this article and know that we are particularly -- and perhaps helplessly -- vulnerable to this type of stuff.

In case you're too lazy to click, the article is about how to skirt the PBA's rule of a height maximum of 6'6". My favorite quote...
"Coaches who watched players droop and bend their way into the league acquired a bemused fatalism similar to the outlook many Filipinos have toward their famously corrupt politicians—they couldn't stop the cheating, so they laughed at it."


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Durant = playoffs, Oden = conference finals

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[From Stephen B. Snyde...]

Poor Man's Commish doesn't usually let me argue about NBA teams and what they should do, because normally we like to leave the rantin' and ravin' to the myriad of blogs out there, but when I brought this up, he didn't think anybody had touched on it, at least not the way I'm about to.

Now that Portland and Seattle are #1 and #2 in this year's deep NBA Draft, which will lead to this year's best Vegas Summer League ever, you have to be asking yourself: Greg Oden or Kevin Durant?

Ballaz everywhere will, of course, lean towards Durant because we can all "be like Kevin". You have to be much taller than everybody else around you to be like Greg. And it's hard to pass on a guy who scored 30 ppg in the college format. What if Oden is to Sam Bowie as Durant is to Michael Jordan?

But haven't we seen enough in the NBA Playoffs this year? You look at the Warriors and you go, "Plenty of swingmen. They need a Carlos Boozer, Kevin Garnett, or Elton Brand. They need a tall guy in the middle who can score, rebound and draw defenders to kick out." You look at the Suns and you go, "Something's wrong with the system. The Spurs closed down everything and let Amare Stoudemire get his. The Suns need another Amare." You look at the Spurs and you go, "Who the heck can guard Tim Duncan and not be forced into a double-team?"

Now, there are plenty of teams that merely need a Durant to get to the playoffs. Or a Yi Jianlian, who is simply a freak-of-nature inside-out pick a la Dirk Nowitzki. In fact, we've already seen the better playoff teams neutralize opposing fives made up of mini-Durants (think Leandro Barbosa and Stephen Jackson in their team systems) and, of course, MVP Dirk.

Remember, it's a team game. Granted, Durant maybe can disrupt a Jazz, Spurs, or Pistons defense enough to significantly alter their pack-it-in styles. But that seems like more of a risky prediction as we sit on the verge of the NBA Finals these next couple weeks.

If you want any chance of getting to the conference finals, you must pick Oden.


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Friday, May 18, 2007

Dish on Yi Jianlian makes it good to have Insider today

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[Believe it or not, I actually compare Yi Jianlian to a on!]

If you're a fan of Yi as we are, today's ESPN Insider article by Chad Ford makes the Insider subscription worth it (even though we got ours at a major discount, ha!).

Ford witnessed workouts by Yi over two days in LA and had rave reviews. Here are some samples, for those of you blocked out of the Insider wall...
  • Don MacLean (former UCLA star and current trainer for Nick Young, draft prospect out of USC): "Have you seen the Yi kid yet? That kid was amazing."

  • Joakim Noah, who was also training in LA, about Yi's workouts: "Something to behold. Where did that guy come from?"...
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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Team China in 2007 Vegas Summer League

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Guess who's playing in the 2007 Vegas NBA Summer League? Yeah, yeah, we knew about soon-to-be new NBA players Kevin Durant and Greg Oden already, but how about a new team?

Perhaps as part of the recent NBA-China partnership, according to the NBA Summer League website, the Chinese National Team will be playing in the league this summer! It's probably a good deal for Team China too, getting valuable experience against top-notch talent one year before the Olympics.

Based on the modified look-and-feel of the site, the NBA appears to be taking over management of the league, as there are no more references to the league's founder, NBA coaches' super-agent Warren LeGarie, who had hinted recently (I can't remember where I read it) that the NBA could be aiming to do just that.

Don't forget how deep a draft this year is going to be! And can you picture Yi Jianlian going up against his former comrades?

Well, this just reinforces the probability that dreamleague will be hosting a tournament there to coincide with what's going to be the best Vegas Summer League on record -- probably the tail end, July 14-15.


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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Asian Heritage Street Celebration

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If you're in the Bay Area, join us this Saturday, May 19 from 10am onwards at the Asian Heritage Street Celebration.

Dreamleague will have its own booth (donated by AsianWeek) where you can shoot mini-hoops and win what will probably be coveted bottles of Gatorade, if the weather is nice and hot.

In case you're wondering, we're there to not only spice up the day -- how can you go wrong with shooting hoops? -- but also to promote our Beijing 2008 Olympics tour package, which will have free tickets to Team USA+China, among other things. More details on Beijing coming soon!


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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What dreamleague's all about

jonathan guilfoile
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[From NYC commish...]

When I first met Jonathan Guilfoile, I knew right away the guy was a aller. 100%, no frills, tell me where to go and I’ll be there whenever wherever, with bells and whistles on baller.

The year was 2004. I was hosting a tournament for a non-profit organization called Project by Project of which I was the sports director at the time. JG signed up for the tournament –- a 3-on-3 tournament -– and instantly came at me with 101 different questions...

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

dreamleague Hollywood

Jun Kim off the court.
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[From NYC commish...]

Dream League isn’t just about basketball. Sometimes we like to make mention of things going on outside of hoops. Not that often, but sometimes. There was the time we wrote about hockey teams. There was the occasion Mike Owh wrote about a camping trip gone awry. And there was yet another instance of when he (who goes off on the most tangents) shared his story of how he got up onstage and stripped down to his skivvies in order to win a toy car. Hilarious.

Well, today, we want to go outside the box once more and bring to your attention (if you don’t already know) something known as the Tribeca Film Festival that is going on right in our own backyard. Yes, things happen outside of our basketball games in this city –- weird, huh?

One film in particular you gotta try to check out is Mike Kang's West 32nd. The world premiere is Saturday night and there are four more screenings of it afterwards. It stars John Cho. It stars Grace Park. It also stars a man who played in the Dream League AAA in NYC last season named Jun Kim. Kim played in just two games while he was here for the summer on now defunct Run B&C. He averaged a modest 4.0 points, 3.0 rebounds, 1.5 assists, and smokin’ 3.0 steals per game, but he’ll impress you far more with his turn as the cool, calm, cigarette sucking (don’t do that in real life folks) bad guy in this film. If you pay close enough attention, you might see a certain commissioner in the film during a sweet scene too.

Many of the screenings are already sold out online, but tickets are available for day-of folks who have the desire/patience to wait in line an hour or so beforehand. There are also parties parties parties with cast and crew both tonight (Gypsy Tea) and Saturday night (at Maru in K-town.) The DL's going Hollywood, baby!


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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

If you're gonna hire ballers to be on TV...

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[From Stephen B. Snyde...]

Last week the SportsBusiness Journal reported a poll by Turnkey Sports and Entertainment, which found that...
58% of respondents preferred the NBA on TNT as compared to 42% on ESPN.
If this were a presidential poll, we'd call it a landslide. The NBA on TNT has more personality, more chemistry. We want to hear Kenny Smith's inside perspectives and whatever smart or dumb thing that comes out of Charles Barkley's mouth, as well as Ernie Johnson's tactful yet modest-sounding, ego-less rebuttals. We want to see the post-game interviews because we believe the players will respond better to the TNT bunch than your average news crew.

Last night Ernie wasn't there, apparently receiving a well-deserved Emmy. Now, if you're gonna go out and hire ballers like Kenny the Jet, Chuckie, and sometimes Magic Johnson and Reggie Miller, why not just run your crew like an NBA team?

Ernie is clearly the point guard, distributing the conversation and making sure everybody's heard. Ironically, Kenny remains like a 2-guard, initiating the conversation and going for the big points, while Chuckie's doing the dirty work, adding a little negative or positive, the emotional spark down low. When he's there, Magic actually is the role player who fills in the blanks.

To the NBA broadcasting world, Ernie's like what Magic was to the Showtime Lakers. He's just so fun to watch. If the old school Lakers didn't have Magic for a game or two, wouldn't Michael Cooper slide in from the bench to play the point? Or heck, if this was rec league, you'd almost rather play with 4 guys against 5, just not to mess with the championship/hall-of-fame/legendary starters' chemistry!

You'd just as soon move Byron Scott to the (gasp) 1 -- i.e., Kenny the Jet assumes Ernie's role and it's just him and Chuckie all night long -- before you give the car keys to some schmuck off the street, right?

Who's the GM of the TNT team?


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