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One On One With Jeremy Lin

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[From dreamleague NYC commish Brian Yang]

This Saturday, right here in New York City, a historical event is set to take place. Where will you be? All kinds of history is made in the Big Apple, but there has never been history of this kind. On Saturday at 7pm, at the Levien Gym on West 119th and Broadway, the Harvard Crimson will tip off against the Columbia Lions and the game will be the first time NYC (and possibly the 2nd time ever in the United States) sees two players of Asian descent square off against one another in a Division 1 college game.

KJ Matsui of Columbia and Jeremy Lin of Harvard will meet again for the second time in both team’s season finale. The first time they met? When these two faced each other earlier this season up in Cambridge (a Columbia 90-70 win). It was historic then too. But this is NYC folks, they’re on the main stage now.

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UPDATED: See comments (scroll down)


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At Wed Mar 07, 12:11:00 PM PST , Blogger dreamleague said...

Check out the boxscore: With 25 of 40 minutes off the bench, it looks like Jeremy's going to be a starter next year. Also check the Play-By-Play tab. This game was on TV somewhere! If anybody has a link, please post it.

Update from B.Yang...

If you were here last week, you knew that history was made this past Saturday night when Harvard came and visited Columbia in the season finale for both teams.

Columbia got the best of Harvard again, 76-66, but to members of M&A 101 who went to watch the game, the score hardly mattered. How the Jeremy Lin – KJ Matsui match went was much more interesting.

The second ever D1 match-up (the first one was the same two teams earlier this season) featuring a player of Asian descent on either side (who plays major minutes) did not disappoint.

While Matsui’s team won and he went an impressive 4-4 from the floor for 9 points with his high energy style of play, watching Lin was more engaging to observe for a few reasons: a) he got more minutes than KJ, b) at various points (including the final minutes in crunch time), he played point guard meaning the ball was in his hands a lot, c) he made a few whirling dervish passes that turned everyone’s heads (but his big man blew the lay-up twice).

Lin ripped the ball from KJ at one point in the backcourt and converted a spinning lay-up that demonstrated why this kid led Palo Alto High to the California State Championship last year. He got skills. He finished with 10 points – including a pair of long 3’s that only maybe CB Liu on fire could match – okay, and Nic Echevestre.

The kid made his mark. And after having the chance to speak to him, it’s good to know that someone like him exists. Humble, bright, a basketball stud. An all-American basketball stud. It’s good to know not because someone here in the DL stands a chance of getting him one day long after his college career is over, but because he is a beacon of hope that some Asian American kid out there who is honing his jump shot every day, crossing players over on the blacktop, doing what he gotta do, will one day make the NBA. If not Jeremy Lin, then the next Jeremy Lin.

At Fri Mar 09, 03:50:00 PM PST , Blogger dreamleague said...

Update from The Anti-truth (whomever that is)...

I, the Anti-truth would like to point out that there was an error - a big oversight - in the previous columns that said that the match-up featuring Harvard's Jeremy Lin and Columbia's KJ Matsui was the first ever match-up on the D1 level that pitted two players of Asian descent against one another who played significant minutes. On November 29, 2006, in Pullman, Washington, the Washington State Cougars hosted the Portland Pilots in a game that featured Derrick Low for WSU and Taishi Ito for Portland. I'm not here to brag, or to boast, but to inform. 'Cause I'm livin' in the calm before the storm. (What song was that from?)

At Fri Mar 09, 03:52:00 PM PST , Blogger dreamleague said...

Just in case, this is Poor Man's Commish talking again, not posting on behalf of someone else...

Can anyone verify if Jeremy Lin vs KJ Matsui was the first head-to-head between American-born Asians?


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