Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Chris Mullin, way beyond "wet"

Something that dreamleaguers on both coasts (SF = Warriors, NYC = St. John's) can appreciate...

Published last Friday, John Crumpacker of the SF Chronicle interviewed Warriors equipment manager Eric Housen, who recalled the following about Chris Mullin:
"I saw him make 33 NBA threes in a row with a big ball at his brother's camp in Philadelphia," the equipment manager said. "It's double the size of a basketball. You can only make it with a perfect shot."

The other performance came a few years ago in a middle school gym in San Ramon late at night. With Housen counting ("I always count"), he said Mullin sank 397 consecutive free throws with something less than steely concentration. Mullin was there to enroll his son Christopher in the school and people came and went while engaging the sharpshooter in conversation as he took aim. Drat that 398th.
I think it was my college roommate Kelly Fong, who incidentally played high school ball with Lamond Murray, who recalled seeing Mully hit like 99 college treys in a row at some random gym.

Wonder what the kids on the playground who these days describe the hot hand as "wet" would call Mully? Anybody else remember any stories like this?


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