Monday, December 11, 2006

dreamleaguer breaks finger playing with NBA ball

The previous Sunday 12/3, due to another one of those rich youth basketball leagues that pushed us out of the usual nice main gym, and as the league of the Poor Man's Commish, naturally, we were forced to play in a high school's "auxiliary" (read: "abandoned") gym.

Here, we found out that "auxiliary" really meant the older, dusty building across the way that looked like it could have been used as a set of the movie Hoosiers. The one that got overlooked by the district for earthquake retrofitting. The one even the janitor doesn't have the keys for.

Not surprisingly, we found a ton of dead spots on the floor.

Meanwhile, I had brought one of dreamleague's two new Spalding NBA balls with me...

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At Tue Dec 12, 09:40:00 AM PST , Blogger Vince said...

Great blog Rich (hope Torrent will be alright).

I've actually played using a microfiber ball similar to the new NBA one (made by Wilson however). Your description of it when it's worn in a bit is is more spongy. I have to admit though: I kinda like it that way.

I ran with some Dream League guys on a Tues. night a few weeks ago and we used a fresh-out-the-box NBA ball. It defintely had some strange properties and took awhile to get used to. Shooting-wise, I'd have to say that it didn't hinder people (some ballers were absolutely stroking 3's and hardly missed all night).

One thing I can't comprehend: the $99 price tag.

At Tue Dec 12, 01:06:00 PM PST , Blogger dreamleague said...

Vince, just to be clear, I think you are agreeing that a non-NBA microfiber, such as the TF-1000, ZK-Pro, or Wilson, is more spongy (?). Because that's my whole point: the NBA microfiber is totally unlike (and worse than) any other microfiber out in the market.

As I mentioned, I have some theories as to what went down at Spalding headquarters, but -- trying to stay nice and give the benefit of the doubt here -- aside from testing the ball more thoroughly, they could have avoided this situation had they employed more savvy marketing techniques.

For example, they could have just rebranded the ZK-Pro as the new NBA ball, implemented the euro design, and I'm not sure anyone would have noticed.

Another example: TF-1000 is $40, ZK-Pro is $45, and the now-defunct NBA ball was $100. Interesting pricing strategies.

At Tue Dec 12, 02:50:00 PM PST , Blogger Brian said...

We've used the new NBA ball out here in a couple DLNY games as well. With it, we actually had a couple of our highest scoring games of the season between both teams. That had a lot to do with the teams involved and their run and gun style, but after watching that - and the Nets/Suns game last week in which Nash and Kidd didn't seem bothered by the ball, I can only conclude that this rock is the most perplexing thing ever made in history. It seems to suit the people who complain about it very well in their points column.

At Tue Dec 12, 03:27:00 PM PST , Blogger Vince said...

Yeah, sorry for the confusion. I thought the material used in the Wilson ball I played with was similar to the NBA ball.

Your idea of just redesigning the current ball, Euro-style is interesting. It wouldn't be much of a stretch as they seem to be similar materials-wise.

Check it out -- Spalding has pulled the 'Official NBA ball' from their site:

Oh, and on a completely random, totally-unrelated note, I think I just saw Kara Lawson of the Sacramento Monarchs at NikeTown.

At Wed Dec 13, 06:53:00 AM PST , Blogger dreamleague said...

Wow, you must be a die-hard hoopster to know a WNBA face! Speaking of which, I have an awesome story about assisting a prospective millionaire WNBA owner from the Bay Area in purchasing a franchise. This happened in July 2005 and we met with WNBA brass at the All-Star Game at Mohegan Sun. Got to meet a bunch of insiders and star players. It'll be a long write-up, but very insightful. Hope to do it soon...

At Fri Dec 15, 06:26:00 PM PST , Blogger Mark Anthony said...

Wow sucks about the finger. I actually played in game last Sunday. My name is Mark Gamab on the Benchwarmers and although we didn't use the new ball that game I dislocated my thumb as the ball hit it dead straight on. I'm now wearing a cast because the physician thinks that my ligament might be torn. We just started a blog and I posted all about it. Our team blog is here, we just started so forgive us for the sparce content.

At Fri Feb 09, 12:34:00 AM PST , Blogger dreamleague said...

Looks like the microfiber will make a re-appearance at All-Star Weekend, according's Mark Stein...

"There are apparently various production obstacles that make it difficult to quickly manufacture multi-colored leather basketballs. So contestants in the Long Distance Shootout -- a six-man field announced Thursday and headlined by defending champion Dirk Nowitzki and runner-up Gilbert Arenas -- will be relying on the dreaded microfiber on their 2-point, bonus-ball attempts."


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