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Our mission is to increase inner-city high school students' GPAs, graduation rates, and admissions to four-year colleges. We do this by channeling the unending energy behind thriving adult, ethnic, and corporate basketball communities towards the needs of disadvantaged high school students and the community centers that serve them.

Dream League offers the most professionally run basketball leagues and tournaments available to the greater San Francisco Bay Area , Silicon Valley and San Jose. We have also held tourneys in Las Vegas, New York City, Houston, and Phoenix. Our organization specializes in exposing the needs of specific underprivileged neighborhoods to the greater basketball population.

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2016 Summer Sunday Game Log Stats

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2016 Summer Sunday Playoff Brackets

2016 Summer Rankings & Weekly Matchups

2016 Summer Sunday Game Results

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Sun 8/21

Matchup Winner Mini-Recap
playoffs1: #5 Kuyabruddaz at #3 Swim Swim 74-40
playoffs1: #6 Lob City at #4 BDO SF LobCity 87-60
playoffs1: #5 Las Isletas Natives at #4 FreshTeam LasIsle 75-66
playoffs1a: #10 Shaqtin A Fool at #7 KPMG Rookies KPMGR 60-53
p1b: Winner-#10/#7 at #2 Squaaa Squaaa 69-58
playoffs1: #5 Yeezus at #3 SF Natives SFNativ 47-41
playoffs1a: #9 SF Warriors DL at #8 KPMG Vets SFWarr 50-41
playoffs1: #6 Aubergine at #2 Skywalkers Skywalk 49-39
playoffs1b: Winner-#9/#8 at #1 SprinkleBros SFWarr 53-33
Exhibition: Doug Funnie's at Prodigies Prodig 101-61
playoffs1a: #9 Pass The Roch at #8 All Show No Go AllShow 44-36
playoffs1: #7 Illuminati at #1 ASNG-REC Illumin 61-53
p1b: Winner-#9/#8 at #4 SplashTown AllShow 43-40
playoffs1a: #6 SF Monstars at #3 Bus Drivers BusDriv 55-46
playoffs1a: #7 Sole Legit at #2 Prime Time Prime 77-72
playoffs1a: #5 OBC Elite at #4 We Goofy WeGoof 68-48
p1b: Winner-#6/#3 at Winner-#7/#2 Prime 61-52
p1b: Winner-#5/#4 at #1 LetsGoWarriors.com SF LetsGo 72-64
playoffs1a: #5 Splash & Dash at #4 Soul Rebels Splash& 62-52
playoffs1a: #5 Disgustingly Modest at #4 WWWD WWWD 38-29
playoffs1: #3 Green Team at #2 Kevin Durant Green 49-43
p1b: Winner-#5/#4 at #1 Dubs Dubs 60-56
playoffs1: #5 Dons at #4 Overachievers Dons 42-37
playoffs1: #7 Buckets Deluxe at #2 Undrafted Buckets 63-61

Sun 8/14

Matchup Winner Mini-Recap
Kuyabruddaz at Skywalkers Kuya 60-57(ot) Three Kuyas in double figures: Joe Yabut 18p6r, Eric Pena 16p8r, Kevin Nelson 13p combined to go 19-for-32 field. Wilson Zhao 22p in defeat. Another exciting OT game for Skywalkers.
Squaaa at BDO SF Squaaa 60-56 Kevin Matsukara 21p, John Batara 4a, Evan Baker 10p3s. Nathan Levy 27p, Dan Tan 18p, Steven Roberts 5a.
KPMG Rookies at KPMG Vets KPMGR 40-35 Tristan Eaken 16p6r. Marvin Yang 10p6r, Kyle MacLaren 7p8r in defeat.
Pass The Roch at Squaaa Squaaa 57-29 MacJulian Aujero 18p5r, Kevin Matsukara 12p3a, John Batara 10p. David Lott 12p6r in defeat.
OBC Elite at Prime Time Prime 89-68 FOUR Prime Timers in double-figures! Marquis Glenn 24p5a, Ray Chavis 21p, Daniel Trammuel 20p 10-for-13 field, Qadir Ali 10p4a on 8-for-10 field. Ken Bailey 28p7r on 14-for-18 field, Davion Enis 13p5r in defeat.
Aubergine at Swim Swim 49-42 John Wong 18p on 8-for-13 ft, Kamani Edwards 15r. Chris Bakri 19p8r in defeat.
SF Warriors DL at Las Isletas Natives LasIsle 60-54 Mike Salamin 17p8r4a, Josh Beloy 14p8r, Kevin Jackson 12p. Alvin Lin 18p5a, Joe Kim 13p5r4a in defeat.
Yeezus at Prodigies Prodig 54-43 Barry Lee 18p 7-for-10 field, Sean Caiola 13p, Dave Chen 10r, Quentin Wu 4a. Terence Ching 21p, Kenneth Lui 10r in defeat.
Lob City at SF Warriors DL LobCity 56-54 Rob Sullivan 19p9r6s, Jason Wang 14p7r, Ricky Yean 13p7r. Brent Natsume 13p12r, Alvin Lin & Taira Narusawa 13p each in defeat.
Illuminati at Splash Town SplashT 66-62 Rob Sullivan 18p9r, Ricky Yean 14p, Jason Wang 4a, Tony Hung 10p8r. Ed Viray 14p, Aaron Sangalang & Harold Helosimon 10p each in defeat.
SF Monstars at Bus Drivers BusDriv 68-55 Brooks Daugherty 31p, Chris Vhezel 8p9r. Kevin Fu 9p5s. Mike Muteyre 18p12r, Jeff Stefanis 19p6r in defeat.
SF Natives at SF Slappers SFSlap 64-53 John Wie 19p, Hong Son 11r. Mike Sampson 22p6r3a, Mike Tan 11p in defeat.
SF Slappers at LetsGoWarriors.com LetsGo 46-41 Clayton Ladine 17p7r4s, Bryan Lee 15p12r. Andrew Kim 14p7r, Hong Son 14r in defeat.
Sole Legit at Bus Drivers BusDriv 67-54 Brooks Daugherty 32p5a on 12-for-16 field, Dave Hart 9p10r. Ray Liang 15p, Kyrelle Cage 14r, Jack Bacigalupi 4s in defeat.
Doug Funnie's at LetsGoWarriors.com SF LetsGo 61-45 Clayton Ladine 18p, Bryan Lee 16p8r, Kevin Brown 11p9r. Ryan Sera 21p10r, Ian Maguire 16r in defeat.
We Goofy at Prime Time Prime 68-64 Marquis Glenn 17p10r5a, Daniel Trammuel 16p, Steven Gordon 14p. Aakash Patel 13p7r, Jason Yee, Ryan Chin and Sameer Karim 12p each in defeat.
FreshTeam SFFA at Doug Funnie's DougF 81-75 Ryan Sera 27p7r, Travis Hom 18p8r5a, Jeremy Chung 19p. Devante Calvin 37p 13-for-26 field 6-for-13 treys, Deon Smith 10p16r, Willie Williams 10p7r4a in defeat.
ASNG-REC at All Show No Go ASNGR 49-40 Kris Neri 14p, Ben Lee 12r. Justin Chang 12p, Alden Chan 9p13r, Long Tran 9p5a in defeat.
Kevin Durant at Splash & Dash Splash& 61-41
Rip City at LetsGoWarriors.com OAK LetsGo 106-49
Soul Rebels at Buckets Deluxe Bucket 68-43
Kevin Durant at Dubs KevinD 54-48
Oakland Sonics at Young Simba Young 77-52
Disgustingly Modest at Doomie's Home Cooking Doomie 46-35
Undrafted at Young Simba Young 47-45

Sun 8/7

Matchup Winner Mini-Recap
BDO SF at KPMG Vets BDOSF 56-42 Nathan Levy scored 18 of his 22 pts in the 1st half, survived a 1/11 2nd half and 28 pts on 6/7 treys by Marvin Yang of KPMG. Nice battle of the Draymond Greens between BDO's Chris Liang (11 reb 4 ast) and KPMG's Tony Yu 9 reb (only 2 in 2nd half) and 5 ast.
Las Isletas Natives at Prodigies Prodig 71-62 Poor outside and zero fga for Mike Salamin (13 pts) in 2nd half, including a questionable non-and-one foul called late, doomed Las Isletas. Hugh Daniel had 14 pts in defeat. Quentin Wu 11 of 28 pts in Q4, Mike Lau 7 stl.
Skywalkers at Nanjin Army Sky 64-63(2ot) Skywalkers using crisp passing, controlled offense to survive, led by Wilson Zhao's 27 pts. Corey Carlson 15 pts, Taylos Butler 11 reb in defeat.
Illuminati at Skywalkers Skywalk 55-53 Another nailbiter win for Sky, Zhao leading again with 17 pts, surviving subpar 5/8 ft. Ryan Tam led Illumi with 20 pts.
Aubergine at All Show No Go Auberg 69-59 Chuck Senduk on fire: 29 pts 12/20 fg 10 reb 5 ast. Kris Neri led All Show with 14 pts.
KPMG Rookies at Doug Funnie's DougF 61-38 KPMG only 5 guys, led by Tristan Eaken 18 pts. Travis Hom 17 pts, Dorian Sun 12 pts for Doug.
All Show No Go at Splash Town SplashT 49-40 Shane Wey 20 pts on 6/9 treys for SplashT, Justin Cheng 9 pts in defeat.
SF Warriors DL at SprinkleBros Sprinkl 68-55 Quentin Wu couldn't miss, scoring 36 pts on 6/6 from deep! Alvin Lin 22 pts in defeat.
Shaqtin A Fool at Doug Funnie's Doug 68-61(ot) Hom with 28 of 37 (!) pts in 2nd half, Sun 17 pts. Steve Woo 21 pts 4 ast from the pg spot in defeat.
Kuyabruddaz at ASNG-REC ASNGR 42-34 Scorers Jerron Tabisola and Chris Umemoto DNPs for Kuya. ASNG led by Justin Cheng 19 pts. John Lantican 14 pts for Kuya.
FreshTeam SFFA at Prime Time Prime 91-66 Fresh too small, as Isaiah Sandoval not avail for this one. Marquis Glenn 31 pts 8 reb 4 stl, Tyrone Dickerson 13 pts 10 reb, Qadir Ali 20 pts 8 ast 4 stl in a stat-padding game. Steve Leeder led Fresh with 32 pts on 6/14 treys.
Sole Legit at LetsGoWarriors.com SF LetsGo 66-62 Sole had to upgrade with Glenn (15 pts) and Dickerson (12 reb) from Prime to matchup on height, but Clayton Ladine finally woke up to score 9 of his 22 pts in the 4th. Big man Bryan Lee too tall in the paint: 18 pts 10 reb 3 blk. Dezmond Breaux added 13 pts for Sole.
Green Team at Splash & Dash Splash& 55-39 Green Team only 4 guys, led by Liam Bolster with 15 pts. Ronnie Duong had 26 pts 7 reb 5 ast to lead Splash.
LetsGoWarriors.com OAK at Young Simba Young 68-59 Young Simba only 5 guys, Derrick Sykes one of those on-fire games again with 20 pts 8 reb, Deenad Parker 19 pts 11 reb 7 ast. LGW no big man for this one, Toby Merchant led with 17 pts.
Weekend Warriors at Rip City Weeken 41-38 Weekend continues to hit stride, led by Colby Gordon 14 pts on 4 treys. However, Rip was without starting playmaker Devin Saxon. Casey Copeland 12 pts, Donald DeHotels 11 reb led Rip City.
Young Simba at Overachievers Young 56-42 Couple guys missing for Overachievers, Jonathan Higgenbotham tough shooting just 5/15 fg, Pat James 11 reb. Parker too much: 24 pts 8 reb 5 ast.
WWWD at Dubs Dubs 39-30 WWWD continues to drop w/o services of Maulimu Collins this season. Dubs were missing a lot of guys, picked up some help for this one.
Undrafted at Dons Undraf 55-50 Surprising when considering Kenonte Ramsey (18 pts, but 6/11 in 2nd half) played for Dons this week, but Undrafted is revamped and upgraded. Yuri Green 18 pts 2nd half, Kenny Pitts 16 reb.
Disgustingly Modest at Kevin Durant KevinD 44-30 This is probably a closer game is D-Mod's best player, Paxon Frady, would have played.

Sun 7/31

Matchup Winner Mini-Recap
Aubergine at Kuyabruddaz Auberg 49-39
Yeezus at Las Isletas Natives Yeezus 56-44
Skywalkers at Swim Skywalk 45-35
KPMG Vets at SprinkleBros Sprinkl 66-61
BDO SF at Shaqtin A Fool BDOSF 55-43
ASNG-REC at Illuminati ASNGR 41-35
SF Slappers at Prodigies Prodig 91-83
Pass The Roch at ASNG-REC ASNGR 38-26
LetsGoWarriors.com SF at Bus Drivers LetsGo 61-55
All Show No Go at Lob City LobCity 44-30
SF Natives at SF Monstars SFM 50-47(ot)
Sole Legit at We Goofy WeGoof 51-38
SF Free Agents at OBC Elite SFFree 58-48
Rip City at Dons RipCity 65-50
Splash & Dash at Weekend Warriors Weeken 53-43
Green Team at Dubs Dubs 2-0 (fft)
Disgustingly Modest at WWWD WWWD 35-31
LetsGoWarriors.com OAK at Overachievers Lets 59-55(2ot)
Soul Rebels at Sonics Sonics 55-42
Kevin Durant at Frisco Hawks Frisco 67-64
Undrafted at Doomie's Home Cooking Undraf 53-17

Sun 7/24

Matchup Winner Mini-Recap
Kuyabruddaz at Illuminati Kuyabr 47-44
SF Warriors DL at KPMG Rookies SFWarr 52-44
Aubergine at Skywalkers Skywalk 54-52
BDO SF at All Show No Go BDOSF 50-29
Las Isletas Natives at We Goofy WeGoof 51-40
SF Monstars at SF Slappers SFMons 72-70
Yeezus at KPMG Vets Yeezus 73-65
Pass The Roch at ASNG-REC ASNGR 49-46
SF Natives at Shaqtin A Fool Shaqtin 67-64
LetsGoWarriors.com SF at Prime Time LetsGo 77-69
OBC Elite at Bus Drivers BusDriv 57-47
Sole Legit at SF Free Agents ppd to 7/31
Green Team at WWWD Green 42-34
Weekend Warriors at Green Team Weeken 37-28
Rip City at Oakland Sonics Sonics 64-55
Soul Rebels at Overachievers Overach 64-49
Doomie's Home Cooking at Dons Dons 55-35
Dubs at Kevin Durant Dubs 42-38

Sun 7/17

Matchup Winner Mini-Recap
Aubergine at BDO SF BDOSF 46-39
Kuyabruddaz at Swim Swim 40-35
KPMG Vets at Lob City KPMGV 56-35
Yeezus at Shaqtin A Fool Yeezus 49-38
Splash Town at SprinkleBrothers Sprinkl 63-54
Prodigies at KPMG Rookies Prodig 75-39
SF Free Agents at ASNG-REC SFFree 91-42
All Show No Go at SF Natives SFNativ 56-38
LetsGoWarriors.com SF at OBC Elite LetsGo 59-39
SF Slappers at We Goofy WeGoof 66-50
Repeat Champ: #7 Skywalkers at #3 ASNG-REC ASNGR 50-42
SF Warriors DL at SF Monstars SFMons 49-48
Pass The Roch at Skywalkers Skywalk 38-34
Bus Drivers at Prime Time Prime 84-78
Splash & Dash at WWWD Splash& 51-41
Disgustingly Modest at Green Team Green 43-34
Dubs at Soul Rebels SoulR 54-30
Kevin Durant at Weekend Warriors Weeken 43-33
Oakland Sonics at Dons Dons 67-44
Doomie's Home Cooking at Overachievers Overach 66-23

Sun 7/10 (hard-launch)

Matchup Winner Mini-Recap
BDO SF at Swim Swim 37-30
KPMG Vets at SF Warriors DL KPMGV 64-58
Spring Champ: #3 ASNG-REC at #7 Skywalkers ASNGR 46-38
Illuminati at Aubergine Illlumin 44-43
Yeezus at SprinkleBrothers Sprink 53-52
SF Monstars at KPMG Rookies KPMGR 48-44
Pass The Roch at Kuyabruddaz Kuyabr 36-28
Splash Town at SF Natives SplashT 47-43
Shaqtin A Fool at Sole Legit Shaqtin 47-43
Lob City at SF Slappers Slapper 63-32
OBC Elite at We Goofy OBCE 68-61
Soul Rebels at WWWD SoulReb 72-53
Oakland Sonics at Dubs Sonics 64-54
Green Team at Weekend Warriors Weeken 42-33
Overachievers at Dons Overach 74-65
Splash & Dash at Disgustingly Modest Splash& 46-30
Doomie's Home Cooking at Rip City Doomie 45-37

Sun 6/26, 6/19, and 6/12 (soft-launch)

Matchup Winner Mini-Recap
Splash Town at Sole Legit SoleLeg 59-45
Swim at Lob City LobCity 62-50
Lob City at Swim LobCity 48-45
KPMG Vets at Splash Town KPMGV 51-46
Disgustingly Modest at KPMG Vets KPMGV 53-47
Swim at Prime Time Prime 78-31
KPMG Rookies at Yeezus Yeezus 54-48
Illuminati at Pass The Roch Illumin 59-36
Splash Town at Shaqtin A Fool Shaqtin 64-57
Sole Legit at SF Natives SFNativ 67-52
Lob City at OBC Elite OBCE 57-34
SF Monstars at We Goofy WeGoof 42-39
Dubs at Dons Dons 78-31
WWWD at Oakland Sonics Sonics 60-52
Rip City at Overachievers RipCity 51-41
Doomie's Home Cooking at Soul Rebels Doomie 42-37

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